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Our expert team provides quick service and confidence that you will have great quality work at an equally great price. We offer a range of packages to meet your needs and back it up with our reputation as one of the leading floor covering businesses in Vermont.

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Whether you’re looking for a more intricate design like the Terrazzo system or a Broadcast system with high performance quartz, we have exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

  • Coating Systems: Our general purpose and chemical resistant epoxy floor and wall coatings use state-of-the art formulation technology. These two-component systems are solventless, odorless, and designed for a multitude of end uses. they enhance appearance while protecting the substrate. Available in standard colors with textures ranging from ultra-smooth to slight orange peel, these coating systems create a durable, attractive finish.
  • Broadcast Systems: Our high performance quartz broadcast systems provide the ultimate in skid resistance, chemical resistance and durability, while still providing a beautiful and unique appearance. With 16 patterns, as well as 16 solid colors of aggregate that can be blended into an infinite number of custom patterns.
  • Dielectric Systems: Designed with long term durability in mind. Our amazing dielectric systems act as flooring "insulators" and are engineered to minimize breakdown during voltage-induced stress, thus protecting people and valuable equipment from electric shock.
  • Concrete Grinding: We can grind just about any concrete floor to make it look good again. Call today for a free quotation!

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